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Wild Yam

Wild yam is one of the most widely used herbs in the world. Its use spans cultural traditions and western medicine, all with one aim in mind: to reduce the disease and conditions that affect human beings. However, the concepts used in traditional cultures and those of western medicine are quite different. When it comes to using wild yam for prostate support, there is significant evidence to support its use. Wild yam is also known as China root, Mexican yam, colic root, devil’s bones, and rheumatism root.

Wild Yam and Prostate Support

Every year more than 200 million prescription drugs are prescribed that derive from the wild yam extract herb. The herb is collected in the wild and cultivated throughout Mexico and supplies various pharmaceutical industry giants with its derivative, diosgenin, which is used to treat sex hormone problems. However, it is the protection it offers in regards to cancer that peaks the interest of many men and doctors alike.

Second only to skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most frequent cancer in males. However, prostate hypertrophy, which causes a non-cancerous chronic enlargement, is a more common problem many men face as they age. Wild yam extract can reverse this condition and prevent further dysfunctions of the prostate.

How it Works

Wild extract primarily works by blocking the conversion of DHT and balances hormones. It does this through complicated processes but it nonetheless prevents serious harm to the prostate and supports ultimate health.

Additional Benefits

In addition to helping men maintain proper prostate health, wild extract yam extract promotes healing from premenstrual syndrome symptoms in women, back and body aches, high blood pressure, impotency and inflammation.


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