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How To Do A Candida Spit Test And Why It Is Important

By Rochelle 9 months ago 584 Views No comments

Candida happens to be one of the most contagious diseases across the world that can be very fatal if not managed and handled in good time and in the proper time. By detecting it very early enough, it can be handled and managed well before its effects turn out

What does a Candida Test Do?

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Candida overgrowth symptoms are quite common and in point of fact these can be linked to several other illnesses.Fortunately, at present, an increasing number of medical professionals are starting to diagnose.....

Chlamydia treatment home remedies

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There are natural cures for stds, in fact natural remedies for Chlamydia may be more effective than the commonly used drugs on the market today. There is no question that it is better to support the body

Chlamydia Home Remedies

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The Internet is full of searchers looking for home remedies for Chlamydia; this is an exciting indication because people are starting to look for ways to cure chlamydia naturally rather than using harmful drugs. So what are the Chlamydia home remedies out there?

Chlamydia Natural Cure

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In regards to STD home remedies, many people are stating that Goldenseal is the Chlamydia natural cure! While Goldenseal is a powerful herb containing berberine, the question remains is it effective as the best natural cures for chlamydia?

Thick white discharge

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It is common for women experiencing a Thick White Discharge to feel alarmed when it happens. This would mostly happen to young girls who are transitioning teenage-hood to adulthood and experiencing menstruation. The Thick White Discharge that comes out of the vagina is caused by the overgrowth of the candida which is a fungus that is found

Best yeast infection treatment

By Amy White 1 years ago 671 Views No comments

What You Need To Know About Best Yeast Infection Treatment

The best yeast infection treatments for vaginal yeast infections are widely available from home remedies to over counter drugs as well as prescription drugs. They are normally available in various forms such as ointments, creams, suppositories, or even as vaginal tablets. The home remedies can be made at home using natural ingredients such as garlic which is a common treatment regime especially with women suffering from recurrent yeast infections.

One can also buy the drugs at a drug store without seeing a specialist especially if they have had previous incidences with yeast infections and are experiencing the same symptoms. One of the common symptoms is often thick white discharge. Most people often describe it as being like cottage cheese.

Some of the treatments one can buy from a drug store would include; clotrimazole, miconazole, butoconazole or tioconazole. By following the instructions on how to take the medicine one can be able to cure themselves at home using the best yeast infection treatment. It is very important for one to observe various guidelines before undertaking home treatment.

One is to ensure that they are only experiencing mild symptoms and not extreme ones that would require doctor’s attention. This is because the symptoms may be because of other underlying issues side from the candida. Secondly, even the best yeast infection treatment bought over the counter is not advisable if one is experiencing symptoms for the first time. It is important to see a doctor then because the symptoms may not be due to candida but other conditions. Other than that, it is important not to use the treatment if you are pregnant. The best solution would be to get a doctor who will prescribe a treatment regime that will not interfere with your pregnancy.

In case you are worried about having contracted an STI prior to the occurrence of the symptoms you are suffering from, you may need to be checked out first as the treatment could hide the symptoms which are not indicative of yeast infection but an STI. When learning how to treat yeast infections the first point to take into consideration is that you need to finish you dosage even if the symptoms have cleared. The instructions on the package need to be followed. Lastly, it is imperative that you maintain good personal hygiene during and even after the treatment process as it reduces risk of getting infections.

The All-Natural Cure

Yeast Infection Treatment - 4 Herbs


Developed to be a natural yeast infection cure, detox, and cleanse for candida and parasite treatment. To cleanse the body of worms, candida, and parasites. Black walnut hulls in synergy with pomegranate rind, black cumin and pumpkin seed work as a potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, fungicide and intestinal cleanser also effective in ridding the body of STD's.

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learning how to cure a yeast infection

By Amy White 1 years ago 662 Views No comments

To get rid of candida it is important to first understand the different symptoms and signs that may indicate you have developed a yeast infection.

Vaginal discharge that is abnormal – This is the most basic and most common indicator of a yeast problem. It can range from discharge that is slightly watery to discharge that is thick like cottage cheese.

Itching – This is often very uncomfortable for most people as the itching makes normal daily activities even harder to concentrate on. It is normally accompanied by a burning sensation on the labia and the vagina.

Swelling of the skin – This is on the skin outside the vulva and the vagina. The skin also gets very red.

Pain during urination.

How to Cure a Yeast Infection

In order to learn how to cure a yeast infection you need to identify the above symptoms in yourself first. Natural cures that are common include the use of garlic. Garlic is considered an antibacterial as it kills yeast as is also evidenced when baking. The garlic will need to be fresh for better efficiency. Other than that, one will need to catch the infection in the early stages before it develops further. The procedure for a natural cure for yeast infection involves;

- Peel off the paper like shell off of the clove of garlic.

- The clove should be left to be intact with no cuttings or slices; it can also be cut in half.

- Sew a string through the garlic to ensure that you can easily retrieve it

- Put the clove into the vagina at bed time or 2 if the infection is severe.

- Remove the garlic and throw it away in the morning

- Repeat the procedure the next night or for more consecutive nights if the infection has reached a full blown stage.

This how to cure a yeast infection guide recommends use of the clove of garlic at night. This is advisable since when one inserts the garlic in the vagina, the taste can often be felt in the mouth, which may be uncomfortable during the day.

Different women have different responses to the natural ways on how to cure a yeast infection. It is however notable that the use of garlic has had no side-effects aside from garlic taste in the mouth when using it. One precaution however, is to avoid douching especially with dump or wet cloths as it fosters the conditions for yeast overgrowth since yeast loves water.

The All-Natural Cure

Yeast Infection Treatment

Developed to be a natural yeast infection cure, detox, and cleanse for candida and parasite treatment. To cleanse the body of worms, candida, and parasites. Black walnut hulls in synergy with pomegranate rind, black cumin and pumpkin seed work as a potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, fungicide and intestinal cleanser also effective in ridding the body of STD's.

How to get rid of herpes

By Colin Wielenga 1 years ago 765 Views 2 comments

Herpes is a virus that affects various parts of the body, specifically the mouth and genital areas and any area with mucous membranes. There are six different types of herpes, but they vary more in symptoms than they do cause. Genital herpes is the most common, and it is known in scientific terms as HSV-2. For those afflicted by the virus, relief can be difficult to come by. However, there are a few ways you can treat herpes without taking pills by the handful. Consider a few of them below.

Vitamin C

Recent research has discovered that vitamin C can be effective in treating the symptoms of herpes. One related study revealed that taking vitamin C twice daily for six weeks can dramatically reduce the chance of a herpes outbreak, particularly when combined with zinc.

Vitamin D

Another powerful remedy against herpes is vitamin D. Scientists recognize vitamin D as a powerful antiviral agent. It activates the immune system by arming T-cells to target and fight off any infection. When vitamin D is low in the body, the immune system’s T-cells lay dormant and don’t fight off infection. For herpes sufferers, the immune system is dramatically weakened, and can’t fight off the infection. Research even indicates that vitamin D might be a better vaccine for the flu than the flu vaccine.

Tea Tree Oil

As a natural antiseptic, anti-viral, and antibacterial tea tree oil can be particularly powerful or fighting off herpes. To fight off the symptoms with tea tree oil, you can apply the concoction straight to your skin or you may use it preventively by mixing it with almond oil. The almond oil works as a carrier oil to help your skin absorb the oil effectively.

A healthy diet and hygiene routine can also help prevent herpes from spreading and keep outbreaks at bay. A herbal compound from Vital Extracts like V-Pure is a more effective way to deal with herpes, to fight back against symptoms and live a happier life.

We have 2 Natural Cures for Herpes !

For a perfect compound of natural extracts, V-Pure works in synergy to not only kill yeast infections but parasites, fungus, bacteria and Venereal issues such as Herpes in both Men and Women! Women also find it beneficial to use Vitality to prevent STD's and maintain female organ health and balance!

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How to make vagina tighter

By Colin Wielenga 1 years ago 602 Views No comments

The complaint of a “loose vagina” is something many women grapple with. The cause of which can be anything from childbirth to genetics, but the reality is there are ways to reverse the condition. While the it is a controversial condition, for women who are unhappy or would like to improve the ‘tightness’ of their vagina there are options available.

Steps to Tighten Your Vagina


Just like any other muscle of the body, the vagina contains muscles within the vaginal walls. These muscles are used during both intercourse and childbirth. However, if they are not toned they can cause a sensation of ‘looseness’ in the vagina. One of the best ways to tone these muscles is through Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises involve the tightening and loosening of the vaginal muscles. By flexing and holding the muscles of the pelvic and groin area for ten seconds, a woman can effectively ‘exercise’ her muscles and help improve the tightness of the vagina. Kegels can be done anywhere, and can improve the quality of sexual intercourse over time.


One of the most widely used herbs to treat vaginal looseness is Curcuma Comosa. By preventing a prolapse of the vaginal wall, the herb combats this condition and prevents it for women at risk. It also aids in repairing vaginal tissue which is often an area post-partum women are concerned with.

Aloe Vera is another common remedy for tightening the vagina. It is scientifically proven to treat vaginal looseness through its astringent properties and antioxidant effects. It also contains an array of vitamins (such as B, C, and E) that are beneficial for keeping the vagina happy and healthy.

There is a great deal of hope for women who are suffering from loose vaginas. By implementing these at home remedies, you can begin to turn the tides on your condition.

Vitality from Vital Extracts contains a powerful combination of herbal extracts to support female health and balance including: Turmeric for inflammation, Black Cardamom for vaginal odor, Fenugreek for vaginal dryness, and two other herbs for tightening the walls of the vagina and hormone balance.

Vitality for Vaginal Tightening !

Vitality combats vaginal odor, dryness, mucus, discharge and leukorrhea / leucorrhea with proven herbs also effective in tightening the vaginal muscles, increasing libido, fighting STD's and relieving PMS!

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