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Tribulus menopause relief


Tribulus Terretris is also known as the puncture vine, and is considered to be a noxious weed in the United States and Australia. However, its benefits go far beyond what the typical noxious weed offers.  From increased sexual libido to improved urinary tract function, Tribulus is indeed a powerful life changing herb. However, its use in treating the symptoms of menopause interests us the most.

Tribulus and Menopause

Menopause can cause mood swings, lowered sex drive, fatigue, and hot flashes, night sweats, and
excitability. It can have positive effects on mood, stress and anxiety. Women who find themselves juggling several responsibilities while also combating menopause need support to balance both emotions and symptoms of the condition. Tribulus has a longstanding history in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic practice, especially in treating the symptoms of menopause and in balancing the hormones that cause the negative effects.

How it Works

One study showed that 52% of women experiencing natural menopause and 48% of women with postoperative menopause improved their symptoms after taking Tribulus. An additional study found that the active ingredient in Tribulus, protodioscin, shows powerful relief in treating the symptoms of menopause. The study showed that 98% of women with natural menopause experienced complete or nearly complete relief from their symptoms with the treatment of Tribulus.

A subsequent study on Tribulus terrestris’ protodioscin also showed that it can increase the body’s bone-turn-over activity. This suggests that it can help maintain bone health and prevent deterioration because of osteoporosis, in which a woman’s bone becomes increasingly brittle and prone to damage due to a decrease in estrogen level.

Additional Benefits of Tribulus

In addition to treating the tumultuous symptoms of menopause, Tribulus also increases energy levels, provides optimum mood support, and an increased libido. Studies also indicate that it can be used to increase bone health and prevent deterioration caused by osteoporosis which is linked to a decrease in estrogen levels. Urinary tract protection alongside these treatment options, makes Tribulus one of the most powerful herbs available.


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