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Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali for testosterone

Tongkat Ali Extract is one of the most used and controversial herbs on the planet. However, research does indicate that this herb has the power to increase libido, increase sperm count, and even increase the size of the sex organs. Used in Malaysia for several centuries to promote a healthier libido and sexual desire, some see Tongkat Ali as Nature’s Viagra. It is sourced from the roots of the Tongkat tree, and it is one of the most potent herbs known to man.

Tongkat Ali and Testosterone

One study showed that of 75 patients experiencing reduced function in their testicles, virtually all had marvelous results after taking Tongkat Ali extract for just one month. The results we’re startling. Prior to the administration of the treatment, the men had roughly 35.5% normal testosterone levels, but after the treatment they showed 90.8% of normal values. This study included men who had below average levels of testosterone in their bloodstream. These results were seen in just one month of treatment.

How it Works

In men, there is a hormone called SHGB. It is the sex hormone-biding globulin that essentially regulates the sex hormones in the body. It does this by binding testosterone and rendering it near immoveable. In addition to improving Leydig production, tongkat ali extract releases this bind and lowers the levels of SHGB which enables the body to use more of its natural sex hormone testosterone. This frees the body up in producing less sex hormones over the long-term. The longer you use it, therefore, the bigger your testosterone production.

Additional Benefits

Other benefits offered by tongkat ali extract improves stress hormones by reducing cortisol and increasing testosterone, and balancing tension, anger, and confusion. This in turn shields the body from the negative side-effects of chronic stress.

benefits of Tongkat ali for testosterone



•Sperm Count

•Blood Pressure















•Fat loss

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