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Pumpkin Seed

pumpkin seed prostate support

Prostate disorders are abundant among men as they age. About 60% of men over the age of 50 suffer from a form of benign prostate enlargement. The risk of developing these disorders increases as men age. As men get closer to being around 80 years old their risk of developing these disorders by 80%.

How Pumpkin Seeds Can Help the Prostate

Prostate health can be greatly improved by the consumption of pumpkin seeds. The high zinc content found within pumpkin seeds is critical to prostrate health. The male body’s highest concentration of zinc is found in the prostate. Pumpkin oil and seeds are the best ways to consume this powerful herb.

Another area where pumpkin seeds can be beneficial is when it comes to urinary incontinence associated with enlarged prostates. Japanese researchers have discovered and patented a water-soluble pumpkin seed extract. They did so after discovering the power pumpkin seed has in reducing prostate induced urinary symptoms and insomnia associated with the condition.

For the past few years, doctors have routinely prescribed botanical pumpkin seed extract in its various forms. They have done this because of the natural components it contains. Packed with Omega 6s, which is a fatty acid, pumpkin has been proven to produce sexual hormones in the body giving it a chance to adjust any imbalances that may exist. This goes along with the same effects of beta-sitosterol.

Pumpkin Seeds and Cancer

Pumpkin seeds are also well known to reduce the chances of cancer developing in the prostate. Various studies show that pumpkin seeds can in fact reduce and slow the progression of cancer when given in oil form. However, the jury is still largely out on whether or not it can directly eliminate cancer and should be taken with caution.

With the various treatments available through the use of pumpkin seeds, not consuming it makes little sense.


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