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Potency Wood - Muira Puama

Potency wood for libido viagra of the amazon

Muira Puama is often called the “Viagra of the Amazon” because of it’s amazing ability to increase the libido. When it comes to herbs that increase libido in women, Muira Puama (also known as Potency Wood), is the cat’s meow. But what exactly is this herb, where does it come from, and how does it enhance libido?


What is Potency Wood or Muira Puama?

Muira Puama is a genus of two plant species, primarily those that spring from the Olacaceae family. Originating in the Amazon, this plant provides innumerable libido benefits for women. The plant itself is a shrub that extends roughly 14 feet into the air. The root of the plant are extremely strong and fibrous.  Although it has a faint odor, it has virtually no fragrance. The indigenous name is Muria Puama, but the western world knows the plant as Potency Wood.

Many studies have been conducted on this plant, revealing its many benefits. For example, two French studies showed that Muira Puama can significantly increase libido for women. These results gave credence to what native tribes have said for centuries. Today, you can find potency wood used for female libido assistance throughout the world of herbal remedies.

Where Does it Come From?

As we briefly mentioned above, potency wood comes primarily from the far reaches of the Amazon forest. However, a good portion of it is grown in Brazil and sold to countries like the United States and even some European nations. It thrives in lush green environments with plenty of sunlight and moisture. Most South American countries use Muira Puama as an herbal medicine to treat neuromuscular diseases and other such ailments of the body and nervous system.

How does it Enhance the Libido

When used as one of many herbs that increase libido in women, Potency Wood drastically enhances sex drive. You might be wondering how it does that. One study investigating how it works as a libido enhancer took 202 healthy women who suffered from low sex-drive and gave them the supplement. After one month of taking it, 65% of them reported improvements in their sexual desires as well in their overall sexual satisfaction.

For women who suffer from a loss of libido after pregnancy or while going through menopause, Muira Puama can be particularly helpful. Short term uses are generally related back to the increase in blood flow to the pelvic region. Longer-term positive effects are a result of the increase and balance of sex hormones such as estrogen. Increasing these hormones leads to a greater desire for sex and increase sexual satisfaction as we noted above.

Puama Muira has long been used as a potent aphrodisiac, and now with evidence backing up this long held belief, the sky truly is the limit for those who decide to consume it on a regular basis. Bringing tremendous relief from sexual dysfunction and other related conditions, Potency Wood offers significant benefits for women who want to take charge of their sexuality.

How to Take Potency Wood

If you are interested in taking potency wood for female libido concerns, the best way to do so is through an herbal supplement. One of the best is Vigorous. Vigorous offers several herbal remedies all tied into one all aimed at taking on your libido. Consider this product and enjoy a reversal in your sexual satisfaction.


benefits of potency wood include Libido, Performance , Brain, Stress, Inflammation, Alopecia, Impotence, Fatigue, Baldness, Circulation, Orgasm, Antioxidant, Ulcers, Cancers, Immune, Paralysis, Circulation, Dysentery




















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