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Oat Straw

oat straw testosterone proofs

Oatstraw is one of the most uncommon but highly potent herbs available. Although it may sound more like something a farmer might feed his cattle, it has the potential to boost testosterone dramatically when taken properly.

What is Oatstraw

The mature oat plant is the product you’re familiar with in your morning breakfast and even health food. Oatstraw, however, is the green unripe part of the plant itself. It includes the leaves and stems of the plant and is sold under the name Avena sativa most often.

Oatstraw and Testosterone

In the 19th century, oatstraw was listed as an aphrodisiac by the German Pharmacopoeia. Most of the sexual performance enhancing drugs on the market today use oatstraw in its ingredients. The claim is that oatstraw increases testosterone in the blood, which gives way to increased sexual performance. Some have even referred to it as Natural Viagra. However, the greatest benefits associated with oatstraw are found when it is taken with other herbal boosting supplements. It works by inhibiting SHBG, which contributes to decreased sexual performance and drive in men.

Additional Benefits of Oatstraw

In addition to effecting sexual performance, oatstraw can also benefit those who are trying to quit smoking. A study conducted in the 1970s by an Ayurveda practitioner, claimed to show that oatstraw could assist those trying to kick addictions to the curb. Moreover, oatstraw is proven to affect behavior and mood in several studies, and can reduce the effects of depression and improve overall mood.

When used in combination with other powerful testosterone boosting herbal supplements, oatstraw can have a powerful impact on this essential male hormone. Balancing it in the body is the cornerstone to good overall male health.

Benefits of Oat straw avena sativia include Libido, Fat Loss, Anxiety, Depression, Hormones, Performance, Concentration, Arousal, Bones, Cell Growth, Osteoporosis, Cholesterol, Fatigue, Impotence, Immune, Lethargy, Anxiety and Stress.



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