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Menopause Tiredness

Menopause Tiredness

Menopause Tiredness is a common symptom of menopause experienced by most women facing PreMenopause, PeriMenopause and Menopause.  Fatigue is the last thing that a woman needs when dealing with hormonal changes in her life, especially when the fatigue is accompanied with 30 other menopausal symptoms!

Menopause Tiredness / Fatigue Symptoms

• Feeling Drowsy
• General tiredness
• A hard time concentrating
• Sudden Irritation
• Exhaustion
• Soar Muscles
• Apathy
• Forgetfulness

Causes of Menopause Tiredness / Fatigue

Like most symptoms of Menopause, a drop of estrogen and fluctuating hormone levels affects PreMenopause and PeriMenopause causing Menopause Tiredness.  Often this happens as a chain reaction as anxiety, insomnia and menopause dizziness are usually precursors.   Often women have to try to remind themselves that menopause tiredness is not only physical but can mental and emotional as well. 


There are several things that you can do to overcome not only menopause tiredness that include:


A dropping level of estrogen causes cortisol to become imbalanced and therefore women can get overly tired and crash.  Trans fats, refined sugar, high levels of caffeine, alcohol and refined grains can directly cause a cortisol overload.  There is some good news ladies, dark chocolate is good for you and can lower cortisol levels!  Other foods that lower cortisol include berries, black teas, wild salmon, garlic, olive oil and oats.



Exercise for menopause tiredness may seem like a contradiction, but getting some fresh air and walking can not only increase your energy, but it increases blood flow and mental wellness.  Exercise does not need to be overdone, balance is the key.


More Sex

Having sex frequently increases estrogen levels in women naturally, some women are so convinced by this that they report that all of their menopausal symptoms go away when they have sex a minimum of once per day.


Pharmaceutical drugs

Hormone replacement therapy or “HRT” is becoming a very popular solution for menopause.  There have been many reported side effects include breast and ovarian cancer so please do your research before trying this method.  Remember that Menopause is a natural transition for women; the best way to deal with it is naturally unless you have a medical condition.


Natural Herbal Solutions

Phytoestrogens may be the key to overcoming menopause tiredness and virtually every symptom of menopause.  “Phyto” or plant Estrogens are amazing nutrients that actually mimic estrogen like actions in the body without the harmful side effects of adding synthetic estrogen causing cancers and other imbalances.   There have been hundreds of studies regarding phytoestrogens and menopause, especially with the herb Black Cohosh (found as a compound in Virtuous).  The Herbs best know for menopause tiredness (and all menopause symptoms), and highest in phytoestrogens are Black Cohosh, Dong Quai, and Panax Ginseng.  Virtuous has all of these compounds plus herbs proven to increase libido and prevent yeast infections.

Virtuous for Menopause Tiredness !

Vital Extracts provides natural cures for Menopause Tiredness

Symptoms of Menopause have been treated for thousands of years with herbs to bring Natural Menopause Relief successfully! Virtuous has 6 herbs proven to treat every symptom of menopause.

Vital Extracts Certification on herbs that provide natural cures for menopause Tiredness


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