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Java Tea - Guazumae Folia


Java tea weight loss, digestion, fugus, VD, immune, bacteria

There are so many herbs and spices available that most of us simply do not even know about. As Americans, we particularly miss out on these powerful herbs. One of the more powerful yet unknown herbs is Java Tea. Put simply, Java Tea is a plant that offers a plethora of benefits.

What is Java Tea

Java Tea, also known as Dutch Teak or Guazumae Folium, is associated with the Lamiaceae family of plants. Java Tea is used as an herbal medicine to combat everything from urinary tract infections to asthma, and has been used for hundreds of years by the Japanese in it’s herbal tea form. It was introduced to the western world during the 20th century. It can indeed cure the body of many ailments, but most westerners are interested in it’s powerful weight loss benefits.

Fat Loss Benefits of Java Tea

Java tea is similar to green tea in that it jump starts the metabolism. However, unlike green tea, which is unfermented, java tea is unfermented and has an amazing ability to accelerate the metabolism enabling the body to burn more fat and excess weight. Guazumae Folium is used by millions of people in Asia to rapidly loose fat and prevent it from sticking to the body. The tree these leaves are taken from contain a mucous substance on its fiber that lubricates the body therefore preventing fat absorption and lowering glucose and cholesterol levels.

As you can imagine, when coupled with a healthy diet and an active exercise program, Java tea can help your body burn up fat and stay healthy.

Java tea also helps the body lower blood glucose levels, which make this a very powerful supplement for those who suffer from diabetes or other blood sugar ailments. The enzyme contained within Java tea also helps the body digest food properly. This supports the body during dietary changes helping it absorb the nutrients in good-for-you foods. 

Supplementing your diet and exercise routine with Java tea can indeed give you that added boost to make your diet work for you. For better and faster weight loss results, consider taking Dutch Teak supplements.

Additional Benefits of Dutch Teak

Guazumae Folium (contained within Dutch Teak) is also powerful in transforming the vagina. Women undergoing the many changes of menopause often experience unpleasant symptoms. Guazumae Folium tightens the vagina, lubricates it and reduces other uncomfortable symptoms. High blood pressure, hypertension, bronchitis and kidney infections can also greatly reduced with the use of this powerful herb. However, the primary benefits are that of a reduction in menopause symptoms and weight loss.



If you are looking for rapid weight loss, and would like to take advantage of Java Tea’s powerful menopausal relief, then you need Vitality. Vitality combines the power of the Dutch Teak into one amazing supplement, which you can use on a daily basis to reverse the symptoms of menopause and speed up the weight loss process. With so many natural herbs available, there is no need to suffer from these unfavorable symptoms. Women going through menopause or in need of faster weight loss should consider Vitality as a supplement to their workout and diet routine.


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