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ginger testosterone herb

Ginger is widely used as a dietary spice, and a traditional Asian medicine. Scientifically, ginger is the root of the Zinginber Officnale Roscoe. It can be used as a powder, fresh, or dried. While it is generally used to treat morning sickness and nausea caused by chemotherapy treatments, Ginger can also be used to boost testosterone in men who have low levels.

Ginger & Testosterone

A study conducted in the University of Tikrit, Iraq, revealed that ginger can raise testosterone levels by a dramatic 17% when administered correctly. Additionally, the study also revealed that ginger boosts luteinizing hormone levels by 43%.

These are far from the only studies conducted on ginger in regards to boosting testosterone. In fact, numerous studies have linked this power herb with increasing both sperm count and testosterone. The quality of sperm directly impacts fertility, which in turn has an impact on reproductive issues. In the appropriate dosages, and in accordance with the right herbs, ginger has the power to increase testosterone by leaps and bounds in the body.

Benefits of Ginger

In addition to benefiting the reproductive processes and increasing sperm count, ginger has the power to fight off indigestion, colic, loss of appetite, chills, cold, menstrual cramps, fevers, arthritis, headaches, toothaches and joint problems. Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol are also reported benefits of taking ginger. New research also shows that ginger root can directly affect the gastrointestinal tract, and can relieve a variety of conditions associated with this area of the body.

With its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits, ginger is an excellent herb to add to virtually any individuals diet. Its flexibility as a dietary supplement makes it incredibly easy to utilize in various forms.


Benefits of ginger include libido, circulation, digestion, inflammation, nausea and mensturation cramps




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