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Dong Quai

dong quai helps enlarge breasts, deals with symptoms of menopause and pms, mood swings, headaches, hot flashes

Any time you try to enhance the body you enter complex territory. Many individuals seek out natural remedies to improve their health and even transform their breast size. Selecting the right herbs however can be multifaceted and even overwhelming. One of the more popular natural remedies is Dong Quai.

Using Dong Quai for getting bigger breasts is one of the more well-researched methods for doing so. Known as the female ‘ginseng’, Dong Quai can dramatically improve sex drive as well as the size of the breast. Used in combination with other breast enhancing herbals, Dong Quai provides a significant increase in the size and shape of breasts. However, it is also used to treat several other chronic conditions. But what precisely is Dong Quai, how does it work, what other conditions does it treat, and why should you take it?


What is Dong Quai

Dong Quai, also known as Angelica Sinensis, is a native Chinese herb that is extremely famous and widely used throughout China. It has been used in Chinese medicine for over two thousand years. The most common uses for this ancient herb is in treating conditions that women suffer from on a regular basis. Hot flashes associated with menopause, PMS, and even sex drive can all be treated with the use of Dong Quai.

The reason that Dong Quai is so widely used is primarily because of it’s efficiency in the production of hormones, particularly progestogen. Interestingly, progesterone is extremely important in the development of breast tissue. By increasing the natural synthesis of progesterone, breast tissue is stimulated and therefore enhanced.


The Benefits of Dong Quai

In addition to using Dong Quai for getting bigger breasts, individuals can use it to treat a good deal many other illnesses. These include allergies, inflammation, fertility, blood conditions, mood instability, hormone concerns, heart disease, cramps, headaches, immune disorders, constipation, urinary issues, and bloating. Reduction of anxiety and a calming of the nervous system are also positive side effects of Dong Quai, along with the preservation of beauty and better circulation. The regulation of hormones and the increase in production of estrogen enable individuals to experience a host of positive benefits.

Some men use Dong Quai for the treatment of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Psoriasis, hypertension, infertility, join pain, ulcers, and anemia can be effectively treated with Dong Quai. The primary organs that the herb is utilized for include the lungs, heart, spleen, and liver. Cleansing, strengthening, and all around powerful, Dong Quai has the potential to reverse conditions and enhance the body in many ways.

We recommend using Dong Quai for getting bigger breasts not only because it increases the production of powerful hormones like estrogen, but also because it supports the body as a whole.

Products Containing Dong Quai

Two of our most powerful products containing Dong Quai include Virtuous and V-Enlarge. Virtuous is used to treat Leukorrhea and other female-centric conditions and V-Enlarge is specifically used to enhance the size of breast tissue. Virtuous also uses Dong Quai to treat the uncomfortable side effects of menopause naturally.  


Why Take Dong Quai Regularly

If you suffer from menopause symptoms, PMS that affects your life, and other libido conditions then Dong Quai may be the best supplement for you to take. It offers relief from symptoms by going straight to the source. By treating the body’s hormone imbalances and encouraging the production of the right hormones, Dong Quai is ideal for women who want to feel better and stronger.

In addition, using dong quai for getting bigger breasts on a regular basis works, so if you’re looking for a safe alternative to surgery for enhancing your breasts, consider Dong Quai.

benefits of Dong quai include PMS, Menopause, Estrogen balance, urinary health, Heart health, anxiety and depression





















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