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Black Cardamom-Amomi Fructus (Sha Ren)


black cardamom for vaginal odor, taste, digestion and urinary tract

Black Cardamom or Fructus Amomi (Sha Ren) is a powerful herb that brings relief to the vagina. Vaginal yeast infections have been treated for many years using cardamom as well as Leucorrhea / Leukorrhea, vaginal odor (fishy smell), Gonorrhea and vaginitiis.

vaginal odor can be cured by taking 100mg of black cardamom daily


Vaginal Odor

One of the most common home remedies for feminine odor is the use of cardamom in the form of douching, unfortunatly douching has some serious side effects of removing healthy bacteria.  Taking Black Cardamom internally in the form of a herbal extract is still the most effective way to naturally remove vaginal odor.  Washing the vagina twice per day is recommended, however supplementing with Black Cardamom women have reported that they experience no fishy smell, even after two days of no washing.


cardamom for vaginal taste and odor, couples report a floral aroma and a sweet taste

Vaginal Taste

The vagina has a taste unique to the fluids, acidity and pH levels of each woman, a metalic smell, taste and even odor is due to high levels of acidity.  Women in Indonesia, particularly in the Island of Madura, have discovered that when taking Black Cardamon the taste of their vaginas (according to their partners) became sweet and desirable. 

vagiinal odor can be resolved by taking 100mg of cardamom daily

Digestion & Urinary

Black cardamom stimulates the intestinal glands which secrete juices essential for healthy digestion, in addition stomach acids are regulated that aid in the relief of gastric ulcers.  Black cardamom helps with constipation, abdominal gasses, stomach cramps and acid indigestion or heartburn.  Indonesians have been prescribed black cardamom medically for centuries to treat painful urination, bladder issues, gall and kidney stones.



benefits of cardamom include digestion, vainal odor, inflammation, cardio, blood clots and std's including gonorrhea


•Vaginal Odor


•Blood Pressure

•Vaginal Taste







•Blood Clots









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